Travel Grant
Travel allowance to receive instructions:
* Please note that there are government regulations on foreign exchange in China. The Planning Committee will try its best to provide USD as travel grant. If this cannot be resolved, Chinese Yuan will be provided instead.
We will reimburse the actual expense amount based on the receipt(s) provided by you. To reimburse, you are required to provide the following materials during the Workshop:
  • Flight itinerary in English or Chinese. Please provide a supplementary translation document if the itinerary is in other languages. Sign your name on the document.
  • Boarding pass for departure. Sign your name on the document.
  • Tickets for other connecting transportations (with prices). Sign your name on the document.
  • Accommodation receipt (need to get this at the hotel reception). Use the following information for the accommodation receipt (发票抬头:北部湾大学, 税号:12450700794326458E)
  • Copy of your travel document. The name on your submitted materials should be consistent to that on your travel document.

Put all the materials to be reimbursed into an envelope to be provided in your information package bag. Write your full name and affiliation on the envelope, and submit it to the relevant staff (to be announced). Your reimbursement will be provided when you arrive at the Workshop. We are unable to distribute travel grants in advance of the Workshop.